Montag, 24. Juli 2017

Truescale Ultramarine Veterans

I started these nearly a year ago with the single Sergeant Verenus, wich i had so much fun with, leading to buliing first a eight-man killteam and with the release of the Dark Imperium box to three five man squads of hardcore ultramarine first company madness. Finally finished and making an old tinkerer very happy: Squad Verenus Squad Pullo & Squad Calma As you can see, they where build from a multitude of kits, Tartaros, Assault, Primaris, DUST-Tactics Axis Heavy Grenadiers torsos, Forgeworld bitz and many more.

Kommentare :

  1. I love your true scale marines and would love to build some of my own. Do you have any advice for someone just starting?

  2. Ayo kunjugi permainan terbaik dan Menarik dari kami