Freitag, 13. Oktober 2017

Ibula Malarex #makingdeathguardgreatagain

Here is my contribution to the call the Wier brothers set on their blog "betweenthebolterandme" to correct some anatomical mistakes on the new Death Guard range. Being the thick bloke i am i overread the part where you was supposed to use those parts of the actual range, but well, i had a good fun converting and painting this foul heretic who will soon taste the avenging wrath of brother Crassus´ power gladius as i hope! I used one primaris lieutnants legs as base (changed one lower leg with a tartaros terminators), tartaros breastplate and some milliput to thicken even the primaris thights. I didn´t put that much effort into painting him, just splashed dirt in him and filled some holes and joints in his armor with a mix of water effect and glue to make that nurgle-stuff ooze out of him. The idea behind that was not to use all the typical nurglish features (tentacles, etc.) but to make him look still like a powerful, hard piece of evil killer on the outside, but gooish and soft, necrotic and slimy on the insinde wich would just squeeze out of him when the shell is pierced...filling the gaps...healing him...the blessing of nurgle...

Freitag, 18. August 2017

Janus Crassus Orator, Ulramarine first company chaplain

As it always goes… First you build one cool Ultramarine sergeant, just for fun, because you didn´t build a proper Space Marine for ages...then you build a squad of five…then ten, five more to go... and suddenly they need a hero to lead them into battle. So here he jumps right out of the thunderhawk and into fakespace:

Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2017

Shelf display

As i am quite low on hobby-space, in particular somewhere i can take a look at my stuff during the day, i bulid this display board, wich fits perfectly into one empty shelf in my closet reserved for this purpose. Build out of styrofoam mainly, with the occasional straw or collected junk.

Inquisitor Lord Nikita Molon

"the human,
with his tender bones
his soft hide and his frail, little soul.
Crumbling to the iron,
shivering in the breeze and breaking,
like glass, to the touch of pain.

the human,
with his endless ingenuity,
his unbend will and his neverending madness.
Will crush the xenos,
burn the heretic and he will purge the demon!"

Inquisitor Lord Nikita Molon
Ordo Maleus agent, currently traveling aboard the imperial vessel "Indraugnir" towards Vulga Magna

Montag, 24. Juli 2017

Truescale Ultramarine Veterans

I started these nearly a year ago with the single Sergeant Verenus, wich i had so much fun with, leading to buliing first a eight-man killteam and with the release of the Dark Imperium box to three five man squads of hardcore ultramarine first company madness. Finally finished and making an old tinkerer very happy: Squad Verenus Squad Pullo & Squad Calma As you can see, they where build from a multitude of kits, Tartaros, Assault, Primaris, DUST-Tactics Axis Heavy Grenadiers torsos, Forgeworld bitz and many more.

Zugul, the man-frog. Lost heir to the pond throne.

Never had the Hörkenmarsh
a prouder son than he –
saphire skin and thights of steel,
till from the night came she

A burning orb of golden pain,
the witch she threw her cast
she took our son and took our prince
and turned him to a ghast.

Since these days our giant prince,
malformed and shaped as men
he seeks and wanders and he cries
as we do in our den.


I sculpted a frogs head to the body of a mantic orc and added bloodletter arms with a skeleton sword an an oger backpack to create this poor and wretched hero.

Zugul, the man-frog. Lost heir to the pond throne.

Dienstag, 20. Juni 2017