Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

This smells like Heresy...

...beneath the fabricator complex of Vulga Magnas Makropolis Dagon II, the mutant population of the Gulfar Minoirs habitat have seen the bright torch of freedom. The savior is alive and will lead them to and end of their misery. "The Children of the living emperor" have risen from the darkness... ...well, they still need some paint, but here are 20 Cultists/Renegades/Mutants to fight the opressors who follow the false emperor in whatever gaming system it may be. I have always wanted to use the wonderful goblin sprue for something and as you can see i only had to add some weapons, extra-arms and some equipment. Don´t they look like mean little runts? Looking forward to try out my airbrush, wich my lovely wife gave me as a birthday present, on them.

1 Kommentar :

  1. Great stuff! These mutants are brilliant. The Hobbit range Goblins really are perfect for 40k mutants.