Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Mongor the Martyr

Meet Mongor, the Martyr of Herculan, the younger brother of Gomulka the lost. Gomulka and Mongor belong to the few remaining Death Guard Legionaires who where born on holy Terra. Having been recruited and transformed into Space Marines at the same time, the brothers have never been deployed seperatly and even after his heroic death on the fields of Herculan, Mongor has fought on alongside his brother, the striving Gomulka. Even in the ongoing doom of their company he remains at his brothers side.

This model took me quite a while to complete, and it occupied my thoughts for months before i even assembled the thing. Luckily i am very happy with this beast the weathering didn´t end in a catastrophy, like my Chaos Landraider, where some experiments with the rusting liquid went wrong (Do not use hoz water on your dried rusting effect liquid, please!). Although I must say, that i am not really fond of the magnetising, i chose big magnets for a strong bond, wich resulted in them being "visible" and had to be painted. BUT, Color doesn´t like to stick to Magnets well so i ended up with countles layers of color and sealing with the hope, it won´t come off again. We will see. If it does, I will just glue the guns to the models and go with those...

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