Montag, 29. Mai 2017

Penitentrix Agitea & The fallen sister

As the first tirumvirate-set hit the shelves, i instantly fell in love with the geminae bodyguard and wanted to build them as two versions one character, not as a storyline, one turning into the other, just one bad, one "good". Feeling the excitement of the new version of warhammer 40k on the horizon i need to clear my desk of unfinished projects and forced myself to paint these long finished conversions.

Kommentare :

Ana Polanscak hat gesagt…

Nice! I like the pale colours and the kind of transparent finish on these. A couple nitpicks, if I may: I noticed the "good" sister has a mould line on the inside of her right arm. And the other one's base rim has red on it. But those are just minor details, beyond that it's a lovely pair of figures. :)

Jondo Gomulka hat gesagt…

Thank you!
I must admid to my shame that i am super-lazy whenit comes to removing moldlines but you are quite right – that one is way too visible. :(