Montag, 25. Januar 2016

Gomulka the lost

So i finally painted something. These are my cursed loyalist Death Guard Raptors, led by sorcerer lord Gomulka the lost himself. After Istvaan III, the battle for Terra and the corruption and transformation of their traitor brothers, Gomulka and his loyal battle-company followed them into the warp. For Ages they hunted the followers of nurgle, until the few remaining met Mortarion himself on the blight moon of Targhul. There, they would finally find peace in either his or their own death. But the deamon primarch was amused by their loyalty and Gomulkas attempt to regain the honor of his former legion. He offered Gomulka to rejoin his brothers in the arms of nurgle. Gomulka refused angrily, he and his men woul rather die then become puppets to the gods of chaos. So instead of just killing the weary and disillusioned Marines, Mortarion cursed the souls of Gomulkas men never to leave their lifeless bodies. These would carry on fighting for the will of the gods of chaos, their bound souls witnessing each treason they would commit against the imperium of men. Immortal Space Undead. Yeah!

Kommentare :

DaviD hat gesagt…

Du bist der Meister.

Wilhelm hat gesagt…

This is brilliant! I especially like two headed guy. I think they would look better if you painted the rim around the bases in black though. The light grey rim king of takes some of the attention away from the model.

Nerd Germany hat gesagt…

Die sehen einfach nur genial aus :D Mein tiefster Respekt :)